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Smart Waste Management App Manual

  • 更新时间2019-01-09 14:24:29


This document mainly introduces the function of CNDINGTEK ®APP Software Manual for smart waste management mobile phone.

The smart sanitation mobile phone CNDINGTEK®APP is developed by Beijing Dingtek Technology Co., Ltd. and is equipped with intelligent waste bin detectors DF702, DF720, DF730 and other application software for the field of smart sanitation.The software is mainly divided into three roles: administrator, clearer, clearer, etc.  Among them, the administrator mainly realizes the functions of management and supervision, and can supervise all resources such as the cleaner, the clearing vehicle and the waste bin, including the position and status of the personnel, the position and status of the vehicle, the position and status of the waste bin (the intelligent waste bin detector DF702, DF720, DF730, etc.). The cleaner can check the status of the garbage cans in the area under his responsibility, and can accept the information reminder of the garbage cans. He can also report and update the garbage cans. The clearing vehicle can view the status of the waste bin in the responsible area, and can automatically plan the

path and navigate through the software.

The software download address is shown in the two-dimensional code. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Software and documents will be updated from time to time without notification.